NSST turns 40!

As we start planning for the 40th reunion Celebration. I am looking for individuals to volunteer their time to help plan this event and make it the best reunion yet. The hope is that 40 years worth of Otters of all ages and abilities will attend several events through out the weekend in August. Which will culminate in a special celebration in the Lonny Kerman Natatorium.

Ideal committee members will live locally in the Des Moines area and have the ability to attend monthly meetings (most likely held at North High School.) starting at the end of January and running over the next 8 months until the event in August.

Once the committee is formed we will divide into subcommittees to cover different aspects of the reunion weekend. I am willing to having anyone on the committee that has a little bit of extra time on their hands and has a passion for the North Side Swim Team.

Please fill out the following form and I will contact you will with meeting times.