Scholarships, High School & Middle School Swimmers, & GAE

Hello everyone,

I wanted to address a few questions that have come up. 

Scholarships - We are more than willing to provide scholarships to families to help cover their DMPS Fees. We normally try to cover no more than 50% of those fees, as this makes it possible to serve more families with scholarships. However, the scholarships are now awarded on an as-needed basis by request only. This means you need to make your request for a scholarship as early as possible. The only way to request a scholarship is by sending an e-mail explaining your situation to


High School & Middle School Swimmers – Because you will miss a portion of the season due to your respective school seasons, you will need to contact me about a prorated price for swimmers who are participating in either a high school or middle school swimming program during our fall/winter Otters season. Please e-mail for that information.


GAE – Our fall pre-season kicks off tonight with our first Group Assignment Evaluation (GAE). This evaluation is for any swimmer with competitive swimming experience who did not swim for the Otters this past summer. If you need to sign up for a GAE, please use the following link.


Please contact me if you have any questions.