Meet Update & Contingency plans

I want to thank everyone who made the trek to Boone tonight only to be thundered out and have to trek back home.

I hope everyone understands our goal, as a team, is to get the meet in even if we have delays.

This is why, even with the unpredicatable weather that was forcasted for tonight, we did not cancel the meet earlier. We were hoping we could complete the majority of the meet between bouts of weather.

The meet has been rescheduled for Monday, July 11th in Boone. I will be sending out more information about this later.

Contingency Plans

With tonights events involving weather and the weather looking unpredictable for tomorrow, I want to make sure I let everyone know we do have an inclement weather contingency plan in place for our outdoor practices.


Please take a look at the plan for your swimmer group.

  • PM & AM Beginners

    • No Changes

  • Intermediates

    • Dryland will be inside.

  • Advanced & Super Advanced

    • All practices will start at the regular time.

    • The group scheduled for Dryland & Long Course practice will start first with Indoor Dryland and then a 45 minute swim in the North pool.

    • The group scheduled to have short course practice at North will have Indoor Dryland and then a 45 minute swim in the North Pool.

      • It is important to note the group scheduled to have short course practice only will need to bring Dryland clothes.

If we need to implement this plan, you will be notified by text and e-mail message from the NSST mailing list by 6:15 am.

Please let me know if you have any questions.