Boone Meet Entries & Information

Our second meet is here!

Tomorrow we have our meet at Boone.The Boone Municipal pool is located at 

1000 Francis Mason Dr, Boone, IA

The pool is outdoors, so please come prepared. Please take a look at the following items:

  • Sunscreen is a must.

  • Spectators and swimmers will need to bring their own seating.

  • The concession stand will be open, however you may bring your own food and drink; please note, Glass is not permitted. 

  • You may bring a shade tent if you wish, however ,it may not impair the view of any other spectators and should be in areas away from the pool.

  • Outside of the competition pool, the rest of the swimming areas will be closed and will not be avaliable for swimming. Please stay out of the water.

Please plan on being at the pool ready to get in by 5:15 pm for warm ups. We may have to wait for them to clear the facility, however as soon as it is clear we will be able to get in the water.

The meet will start at 6:00 pm. 

NSST swimmers are scheduled to swim 3 events each. The current event list is attached; however, please verify your events at the meet tomorrow to make sure they have not changed.

If you do not see your swimmer listed in the events, either I have not received a registration form from your swimmer or they did not pick events last week at practice.

If you think there is a mistake please contact me or have your swimmer talk to me tomorrow morning at practice.

If for some reason you cannot be at the meet tomorrow and you have not told me yet. please let me know ASAP.

Please let meknow if you have any questions and I will see everyone but the beginners at practice in the morning.



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