Tomorrow is the day!

The first day of practice is tomorrow! 

Please take a look at the practice section of the website to get detailed information on your swimmers level information.

Because of some scheduling conflicts during the first two weeks of practice we have had to make a couple adjustments to our practice schedule. This only effects PM Beginners and Intermediates. So please take a look at your swimmers practice level below and let me know if you have any questions.

Swimmers who participated in the GAE have been assigned groups and will be told their groups when they arrive at their first practice. Swimmers have been assigned to groups within the level that they were evaluated. If we moved a swimmer up or down a level those individual’s swimmers should receive an e-mail about their new level and practice information..

If you have already registered your swimmers will just need to check in to learn their groups and proceed to their practice. Swimmers that have not registered yet will need to fill out the paper work and turn it in to receive their group assignment.

If you would like to print the form and fill it out before hand please use the following link to print the form out and fill it in prior to your first practice.

Please let me know if you have any questions.