Dear Family, Friends, Swimmers and Students,                                                                           4-5-16

This horrible journey that started at the end of November has been so hard on Paula, Megan, Haley and I.  Last week I was ready to start my final chemo treatment which would have been my 6th. Most of the treatments have gone pretty well but my 5th one was different than any of them, I just couldn’t recover and the worst part was I started to have intense pain in my neck, shoulders and spine. Both Paula and I were so scared that the cancer was attacking the bones, we knew it was already there but I had no pain related to it. We met with Dr. Buroker on Monday last week and he immediately set me up for a PET scan the next day. On Wednesday we met with him and he said we will be changing our plan. My 6th treatment will not happen and the GOOD NEWS was that we are going to take a break. The PET scan came back outstanding and as of now, there is no cancer in the bones, abdomen, lungs or blood. He felt like the pain and the inability to recover was from the 5 treatments that I had taken and we needed to take a break. I can’t tell you the relief that Paula and I had. All the support that we have received and the prayers that have been extended our way have been answered. The type of cancer that I have is not curable and it will always have the possibility that it may come back. The important thing is that we know the therapy has worked and hopefully as they monitor me and if it should come back we will have a treatment to use.

Thanks again for all the love, concern and well wishes that you have given us.

With All Our Love, Lonny, Paula Megan and Haley


PS  One bit of bad news is I no longer have my trademark mustache, hopefully it will be back soon.