Coach Lonny Update #2

Otters & Families,

I told you I would keep you updated on Coach Lonny’s condition; yesterday I received an update from Lonny’s family that I wanted to pass along to you. Below is their message:

To the most wonderful friends,

All of your thoughts and good energy have wrapped us in warmth! We sure can feel the love from near and far through all of this.

Although the weekends can be frustrating in a hospital, the two days "off" from testing allowed for much visiting with friends and the most important (self-inflicted by Lonny) hurdle pain management! Lonny has a complicated combination of a high tolerance for discomfort/pain and strange ideas about certain medications. In the past two days he has become a spokesperson for the magic of MORPHINE! He is getting a very small constant dose, which has made him so much more comfortable and has wiped the painful grimace from his face!

We also decided on Saturday to sneak Riley (our dog) into the hospital which created some much needed normalcy. We were a bit nervous for how the nurses might react, but were pleasantly surprised that EVERYONE was so excited for her to be there. We did it again on Sunday night! Riley (the dog) snuggled with my dad in his hospital bed for hours. (See bottom of page for photos)

Yesterday turned out to be the day we've been waiting for. It began with a move from his original room in one part of the hospital to a new room on the oncology floor of another part of the hospital. We absolutely adored the staff on the original floor, but I'm sure we will create great relationships with the staff on the new floor too. Then we were told they would be doing an MRI of his pancreas and liver late in the afternoon. By midafternoon one of his doctors came in to let us know that the results of the biopsy they took of his esophagus during Friday's endoscopy came back positive. They are 100% sure that his esophagus is the primary source of his cancer. There was then no need to do further testing. 

We then waited for his Oncologist to come in to meet with us so that we could begin to learn about what his treatment plans are for my dad. He will begin his first chemotherapy treatment today. His series will be one, five hour infusion, every three weeks. They will likely do three infusions at first, and in about 6 weeks do another PET scan of his entire body to see if the therapy is helping and re-evaluate. The best case scenario goal is for him to go into remission. It is clear that his stage 4 cancer is still too aggressive to ever be completely cured. They may be able to manage it well enough, if the treatment works and doesn't make him miserable, for Lonny to have some more time.

There's still a lot to get under control before he can go home. They hope the treatment will begin to help relieve some of the symptoms that are making his body not work the way it should be. They may remove some more fluid that has built up in his abdomen. They may see how he can process a clear liquid diet and if he can remove his NG tube soon. Lots of work to still be done.

His doctor likes to use baseball analogies, I will share one with you here; we are "going up to bat" to try to hit this cancer out of the park!

Love to you all,

Paula, Megan, and Haley

Please keep Lonny and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Some of you may have seen the letter writing campaign that was posted on Facebook last week. If not, I have posted it under the News section on the website. (

We are also working on a few other ideas of things to do for the Kerman Family that we will present to you over the next couple of weeks.

Like always, if you have any ideas or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Coach Scott

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