News Letter 12/09/2015

Otters & Families,

I want to start by telling you I will be sending an update on Coach Lonny after this e-mail. Please make sure you read this entire e-mail as it has a lot of important information.

Cleaning Up

One big thing I need to hit is cleaning up after ourselves. Every day after practice we go through the stands and collect as much trash as we can carry, everything from food wrappers to used tissues. Please, please, please - if you bring something into the pool, take it out with you or throw it away. If you send your swimmers to practice with food please make sure they do not leave the food in the stands and if they spill it, they pick it up. Our lost and found pile becomes overwhelmed and I get rid of it almost every other week. Please do not make the custodians mad at us by making their job more difficult. That is the end of my rant.

Money Owed

Last Thursday we started handing out Money Owed slips. If you have not paid or worked out a payment plan, this applies to you. We need your payment to help the functioning of the team and to offer the types of programs we do. Please get your payments taken care of or make different arrangement for your payments as soon as possible.

Otter Gift Box

If you are able to contribute any spare change or wad of cash, our Otter Gift box is on the computer stand at each practice. The gift box is used to provide one of our families in need a little extra for Christmas. If you or your swimmer would like to help out, please put your donation in the box at any practice.

Meet - December 14th vs. NWSC

Our next meet is against Northwest Swim Club; they are a good sized team, which means in most cases we will be limiting events to 3 entries per swimmer.

Warm ups will start at 4:15 pm and the meet will start at 5:30pm.  Please be on time.

If your swimmer has not signed up for the meet, indicated they would be gone, or they are not ready for a meet yet, please get that taken care of on Thursday. It is nice to be able to get kids entered in the meet without having to make phone calls because there was nothing marked.

I will have the entries posted on the website on Saturday. Once they are posted, please take a look and e-mail me if you have any questions.

Part of what makes our meets run smoothly is our excellent parent support.  We work very hard to make sure every volunteer position is covered at every meet. This means that we need your help. Instead of sitting in the heat for hours during the meet, be a part of the action - volunteer!

For Monday’s meet we still need the following:

o   1st half announcer

o   2nd half concessions

o   2nd half timer

o   2nd half official

o   2nd half Daktronics

Contact Kimberly ( if you can fill one of these positions. Please note: the second half positions work well for parents of swimmers who swim the breaststroke and butterfly events.

Make Up Meet – December 21st vs. Lifetime

I have had a handful of people tell me they would not be able to make our make-up meet from Monday, November 30th. Please let me know as soon as you can if your swimmer will not be at this meet.

Also, if you were not planning on swimming at the meet on November 30th but can be there on December 21st, please let me know so I can get you entered.

Warm ups will start at 4:15 pm and the meet will start at 5:30pm.  Please be on time.

I am going to use the original entries from this meet with a few modifications due to people who can and cannot be there. I will post the entries for that meet after next week’s meet.

We will also be using our original meet volunteer list for this meet. This means if you signed up to work originally, you are still signed up; if you cannot work for some reason please let Kimberly know as soon as possible  (

On that same note, if you now can work the because of the date change we can use your help. We have the following positions available:

o   1st half timer

o   2nd half official

o   2nd half starter

Parents Night Out – December 22nd

Every year for the past several years we have hosted our Parents Night Out. This is an opportunity for parents to get any last minute shopping or gift wrapping done. If that is all done you could even have date night, but only after your work is done.

This year’s Parents Night Out will be held on Tuesday, December 22nd. We will have Advanced practice that night and then PNO will run from 6:00 to 8:30.

If you would like your kids to attend please RSVP to Kimberly ( by Friday, December 18th. This will give her time to make the necessary arrangements to keep a large number of kids occupied for two and a half hours. We also need snack food donations. Anyone who can bring any peanut free snacks for the kids to have during the evening, please let Kimberly know.

You will need to sign your child in and out in order for them to attend the evening. Admission to the evening is two non-expired food items per child or a monetary donation. Money raised goes to Blank Park Zoo – North American Otters exhibit (Sassy & Lucas). The food contributed will be divided amongst our families in need.

Non-swimming siblings are welcome to attend, however they must be self-sufficient and younger children must have siblings who are willing to watch them.

Kids will be allowed to swim, with lifeguard supervision. We will have a movie to show, as well as crafts and snacks.

If you have any questions about anything above please do not hesitate to contact me. Text & e-mail work best, but I will return phone calls when I have the chance.


Coach Scott

(319) 321-9816