Dear Otters, Parents and Friends,

     Awesome job and performance all the way around. We had tons of great swims that made me so proud, the meet was 

run so well and the clean up went really well. We broke several records at the meet and many of you reached or past the 

goal times that were set for you. Thanks to all that worked so hard this weekend and all season. Thanks to the swimmers 

who worked so hard and did so well at Conference. A special thanks to our awesome assistant coaches who care so 

much about your success. We did win over 2nd place RF YMCA, 3rd place NWST and 4th place Roosevelt. We won by 

over 1000 points. We will have a lot more info at the Awards Night on March 10th at NORTH. We will have a Pasta Dinner 

around 5:00 and the awards will be handed out at 6:00. More info will follow.

     Remember tomorrow night we will have our yearly Sleepy Hollow outing from 6:00-8:00 pm. Sleepy Hollow is on Dean 

Ave south and east of the fair grounds. Cost is $5 for Otters and $9 for friends and family members if not swimming. We 

are covering about half of the cost for our swimmers.

     Scott is sending info tonight about the Regional Meet in Minneapolis. Congratulation if you made and congratulation if 

you even worked hard to make it.

     See you soon, Lonny